1 TR Japanese house design ideas

Japanese house design ideas - To have a comfortable home, all kinds of ways will be done. Included by choosing a design that is not as usual. Modern Japanese home design turns out to be the main choice for you who are current1 TR Japanese house design ideasly still confused to choose the right home design.

To help you, this article will provide some pictures of modern and popular Japanese house design ideas in 2019, including these:

1. Full of lights

Although synonymous with darkness, Japanese home design also does not always have to be dark. You can use bright lights but still nuanced Asia. In this way, you will get a house full of light without losing the impression of Japan in the house.

The model also does not have to be completely Japanese; you can use a minimalist concept combined with Japanese decorations on the window.

2. Open Page

The house with the form of a box and then left open on the page is one of the most popular Japanese home concepts. The hope, with a concept like this, butterflies and other beautiful animals can come to the yard.

Please plant some flowering plants so that beautiful animals such as butterflies and other insects can come to the yard. A home design like this is perfect for those of you who already have small children. You can play with your family in the yard while you are in direct sunlight.

3. Bolong-perforated walls
Build a fence that is high enough and then planted with grass-like plants that are strung at the top. Then on the walls, use perforated material to get maximum air circulation.

4. Sloping Roof

The form of a sharp dip roof can be an option for those of you who like a unique concept of Japanese home design. Don't forget to add green grass on the front as an identity of the concept of a Japanese house.

5. Open Page
If you often watch Japanese films, of course, you will not be familiar with the shape of the house like this. The inside of the house is given in the form of a path using a wooden base.

6. Transparent glass

Not always the name of the concept of Japanese house design ideas always use traditional materials, there are times to get a modern Japanese home concept, can use transparent glass like this.

From the examples of modern Japanese design houses above, the construction costs are quite affordable when compared to a minimalist model house.

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