7 TR house painting color combinations

House painting color combinations on the walls of the house is the most important aspect to be able to get praise from people who see it. Even though the most important thing is personal satisfaction, but still, opinions from others will be considered.

But don't worry, because here you will get some of the best recommendations for the most popular house painting color combinations in 2019. Here are:

1. Gray and red

A rather striking combination, but many people like this color because it is considered quite eccentric. The red color indicates an act of courage from the homeowner.

2. Green and Black

Light and dark colors combined well will produce a very attractive home appearance.

3. Gray and White

A common color that is very often used by many people to paint the walls of his house. Although many people use it, it doesn't hurt if you want to use this color.

4. Chocolate and White Cream

Having simple tastes, this light brown and white color can be the first choice for your house paint.

5. Gray and Orange

In the orange section, it is recommended not to do too much because the color here is only as a sweetener. If it is too much, it is feared that it will look very striking to make the color of the house become less beautiful.

6. Black, White and Orange

A very good color combination used for a minimalist home. More or less the same as what was explained in point number 5 above, it is recommended not to add too much orange paint, just to be used as a sweetener.

7. Color combinations

If you are a person who likes color, please use something like this. A combination of several colors that might be taken from your favorite colors.

8. Green and White
Be careful when using this color because it is quite vulnerable to results that are not too good. house painting color combinations between green and white must match. It is recommended to use more than one color, whether green or white, don't align it because it won't be too slick.

9. Blue and White

This color selection is perfect for you who like the world of marine or space. Blue marks both.

10. Gray and Pink

Well, for the last one, it is suitable for women, a very sweet and beautiful color from the meeting between gray and pink.

So now you don't need to be confused anymore to determine the color of your chat house!

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