Elderly Bathroom Design Ideas

Elderly bathroom design ideas - the bathroom is one of the most dangerous places in the house. There are a lot of bad things happening in the bathroom. The cause of the incident is usually quite trivial but produces an impact that can be very fatal.

For example, when falling in the bathroom, there are quite a lot of people who experience severe illness or even to death. Generally, they slip and then head hit the wall or bathroom floor.

Of course, this is very scary especially for the elderly who are no longer young. In this way, you must be very extra careful in providing decoration for the bathroom, especially for the elderly.

Elderly Bathroom Design Ideas With Tips For Safety

The following are some tips for you to give priority to safety while in the bathroom:

1. Using a Shower

The use of a bathtub in the bathroom is not a good idea to be used as a bathroom used by the elderly. It would be nice to use a shower which is, of course, easy to use. They will also be more flexible when in the bathroom.

2. Using the Handle

You can install an iron handle that aims to help the elderly when walking in the bathroom. Especially when they want to sit or stand when using the toilet.

3. Expand the iron grip

If it is still lacking, you can add a handle in the bathroom with several sides so that the elderly can touch it in various places. In this way, the safety of the bathroom can be increased to make the elderly avoid the risk of falling in the bathroom.

4. Use a rough ceramic floor

The basis of a safe bathroom is a floor that uses rough ceramics so that the elderly do not easily slip. Remember that many events start from the slippery floor and then slip to a scary end.

5. Don't use steps on the floor

Make sure the floor stays flat without any steps or stairs so that the elderly do not stumble while in the bathroom.

6. Bright lighting

Bright wall colors and bright lighting are also very important so that the elderly can see clearly in the elderly bathroom design ideas.

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