Ho To Feng Shui Your Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Attractive Design

Your bedroom should reflect your personality and act as a retreat from the heavy stresses of the day. If you are the owner of the house your bedroom is called the master bedroom.

A perfect master bedroom is the one that has good lighting, beautiful views and is attached to a luxurious master bath.

Master bedroom is the room in which you will be spending the maximum amount of your time, to design the room you should give it a lot of thought. Master bed room decorating ideas are many from different colour schemes to different furniture styles.

 Fengshui Master bed room decorating ideas:

  Fen shui bedroom: your bedroom is the room in which you rest and recharge your chi so this room should be done in such a way that your chi gets well charged.

  The bed room should be at the far end of the house like our pre historic ancestors the cave man.

  The chi travels between the door and the window and your bed should not come in line of this chi.

  Position the door such that you get a direct view of the door this gives you a sense of security.

  The bed should be as far away from the door home as possible.

  Avoid sleeping near the window as your chi will dissipate through the window and make you feel tired.

  In case you have a bathroom in the bedroom make sure that the bathroom door is always closed.

  A strong solid head board will make sure that your chi doesn't dissipate out of your skull. The chi energy leaves the body through the hands, feet and head.

  The bed should be in the centre of the room other wise the partner near the wall will receive less chi.

  Make sure all bedside tables have rounded edges to balance chi and both the bed side table have matching bed covers to provide stability in the relationship.

  Ceiling beams over the bed are the worst thing for chi, chi will dissipate through the beams. Make the beams soft to avoid this drape soft cloth over the beams or cover them with bamboo.

Add more positive energy to your newly designed bedroom with arrangements of fresh flowers and design ideas from local florists such as Flowers for Everyone - delivering flowers Australia wide.

Now let us look at how to design the master bathroom, the master bath designs will be able to include tubs or jacuzzi in case the bathroom is big enough.
In case you have a small bathroom your colour scheme can make all the difference, the right colour can make a small space look big. 

Make sure all your bed room ideas are such that they help you relax, if the colours are too bright it might be a little difficult for you to relax.

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