How To Make kid bedroom ideas - Attractive Design

There are several important factors to consider for the kids bedroom designs.
The little kids grow rapidly, so it would be wise to think of bedroom decorating ideas that will last for a few years or maybe even into their teens.

Designing your kids bedroom is quite a task, there are so many different ideas to choose from that it may become a bit confusing. Kids bedroom designs have evolved over the years from fairy tales to science fiction and movie magic.

With so much advent in technology and painting techniques it is a little difficult to select the correct theme.

Kids bedroom designs:

•  0-2: In case the room is for a toddler- the design should be done in pastel colours, like pink or peach for baby girls and powder blue and lavender for the little boys. The vision of a baby is developing becoming better and better every day, this is the sense that the little ones most respond to.

In case you hold two colour squares in from of a little baby it will always be attracted to the brighter colour. The baby bedroom should be based on a colourful theme which uses a lot of different shapes and colours. You could make use of as many colourful toys and pictures as possible.

•  2-6: this is the age in which they are living in a fairy tale world, in case you think boys and girls greatly differ in their taste at this age you are absolutely right. Little boys would want guns and base ball and foot ball while the little girls would want teddy bears and barbies. 

So for the little guys you could always combine a peter pan with lots of foot ball and guns or just give them a star wars theme and they will be absolutely thrilled. Poke Môn and Spiderman are all time favourites with the boys in this age group. Now let us consider the little girls, Barbies, fairies and mermaids would be the most popular themes here along with pinks and peaches.

•  6-12: now here comes the tricky age, the boys in this age group will be specifically averse to pinks and peaches which they will associate with the girls. The boys in this bracket would be all for football, cricket and motor cars. They would love the motorcar theme for their room or the sports theme. Girls in this age group would go for a Britney spears kind of pop look for their room or a sporty look.

The living room or kids room designs should always be carried out with the help of a professional guy, either a contractor or a certified interior decorator.

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