Modern ceiling light ideas are Interesting Ideas to Decorate Ceiling House with Lights 2020

Modern ceiling light ideas are Interesting Ideas to Decorate Ceiling House with Lights, right? Quite a lot of people who feel confused to beautify the ceiling in the house because this is indeed a crucial part. Usually, they will install a fan in the middle of the ceiling.

But it is an old-style decoration so it needs a new touch so the house can look more modern. The latest concept that can be used as a recommendation for decorating the ceiling of the house is to include lights in it.

The following are some interesting ideas for decorating modern ceiling light ideas:

1. Dark Yellow

With a slightly dark color, it seems suitable to be placed in the living room or family room. In this way, harmony and warm atmosphere can be created perfectly.
You can also make this concept as an option for the ceiling in the bedroom to be comfortable when you want to sleep at night.

It is recommended not to put this concept in the living room, kitchen and near the bathroom because it is not very suitable.

2. Brightly assisted wall paint colors

With the help of bright wall paint colors, bright lights can make the room look very radiant. Especially for those of you who might have a hobby of reading or working related to books and writings. You will be greatly helped by the bright light in the room.

3. Bright but feels dark

This is a pretty unique concept because you can see in the picture that the light installed is very bright, but still feels dark because of the direction of the lamp that is not pointing down.
At first glance, the impression of a space planet will feel very thick in this room.

4. Tiered

If you have enough money, maybe a concept like this could be an option for your home ceiling. A decoration that is quite interesting by making an increase in the ceiling of the middle then inserted a bright light in it.

5. Hexagons

Shaped like a leather ball, the ceiling with a concept like this is also very suitable for those of you who like art.

6. The sun

Having the sun in the house is one unique idea that you should consider. When else have sunshine in the house?

It should be noted in choosing the concept of modern ceiling light ideas is about maintenance and how to replace the light bulb that you should pay attention to from the start.

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