Fun Teen Bedroom Ideas - Attractive Design

The bedroom must be designed according to the age. It might seem like overnight, the little toddler at home has become a teenager. Still the bedroom was decorated when he was just six years old. And has remained that way.

The first step is that you have to sit down with your teenage son and talk about possible designs. You will probably find that he is more than happy to share his concepts of teen bedroom decorating ideas. So that the ideas don't get too out of hand, here are a few themes for teen bedroom designs.

The basic goal of a teenager bedroom decorating idea is to transform a little boys room into a hip, trendy look that he can relateto.

Some teen bedroom decorating ideas:

•  The motor cross room- when the teen who is to reside in the room is a motor racing fan his passion for the racing cars can be converted into a great design. The bed can be designed in the shape of a racing car complete with real head lights and all. One wall could be done with a wall paper of all the racing cars on it along with posters of all his favourite stars on it. To complete this design get the ward robe designed in flashing colours to match those of the bed.

•  Pop star- this theme could be used for a teen girl or boy as both would love pop music. The colour scheme would be black and white along with a contemporary bed and a pop singers wall paper and a musical instrument on one wall. The ward robes would be done in black to add that touch to mystery to the whole atmosphere.

•  Space age-in case you have a sci-fi fan then it's the science fiction theme, here we would have to use a wall paper with our solar system on it. The bed could be designed in the shape of a space ship and since everything is fictional you could use any shape and design. The finish of the space ship would be done with the metal finish along with flashing lights to give it that gadget look.

•  Feng shui- when you design your bed room as per fenshui its simple just devide your room into nine equal squares, with the lowest line on the side of the entrance each square would signify Wealth-Fame/Reputation/Relationships/Romance/Family/Health-Tao-Creativity/Children/Knowledge-Career-Helpful People/Travel. From the door in a right hand direction.

Be sure to have trendy furniture in your kid's room, as the teen bedroom furniture is going to be used by your kid and his friends. Decorating the teen bedroom is not as difficult as you think, just do it after discussing the ideas with theoccupant.

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