6+ Ideas For Small Bathrooms - ideas for small bathrooms will make your bathroom decorating looks more beautiful! Here's how!

Ideas for small bathrooms could be something difficult for some people. Do you have a small bathroom? It might be a problem. The small space of the bathroom tends to make it difficult to decorate. And making it difficult to generate creative ideas so.

Small bathroom might look so boring. But for those who are creative, this condition is not a big problem. Even some people prefer smaller bathrooms than big ones.

Ideas For Small Bathrooms Items You Can Apply To Yours

·       Bath Up or Small Shower Cubicle
Use a bath up that is not more than 1 meter in size. Or if you do not want to use the bath up, you can install a shower cubicle for more spacious bathroom space.

·       Small Toilet Seat
Large toilets may be more comfortable, but for a small bathroom should choose the appropriate toilet size. Choose a toilet that is small in size but has the same function as a large toilet.

·       Sink in The Corner
Use the sink attached to the wall and place it in the corner of the room. This will give you more space in your small bathroom.

·       Applying Many Mirrors
Installing multiple mirrors will have a 'wide' effect on your small bathroom. Or if not, you can install one large mirror to get the same effect.

·       Install Towel Shelf
With the small size of the bathroom, put a towel rail on the door is the best option. As for the toiletries, you should install a shelf on the wall. That way you will save space and bathroom look more presentable.

·       Use Sliding Door
Using a hinged door will take up more space in your small bathroom. For that, you should use a sliding door so you have no trouble when entering or leaving the bathroom.

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